Youth Minister

Ryan and Chloe Nelson

Ryan is providing leadership, guidance and a Christ-like example to the youth and youth volunteers.  Ryan is directly responsible for planning and overseeing all youth activities.

from the desk of Ryan Nelson…

For the last half century, our country has taken on several key philosophical beliefs that have led people from the Truth of the Gospel into false religions. These false religions are not just the obvious, such as Atheism or Agnosticism, but subtle forms like relativism and man-made idioms. Unfortunately, those worldviews make it hard for many to even feel a need for Christ because they create their own reality and beliefs that are basically the same as paganism. People who create their own reality are no different than the idol worshipers of the Bible; the only difference is that our post-modern culture and most of our youth worship the idols they have created their minds. The reality is that our youth is our future, and teaching them to understand ultimate Truth is key to what we will become. God’s Word reveals how we are to remind children of the essential nature and purpose of God in life and that God’s Word is dependable, reliable and absolute Truth. His word shows us how to know and relate to God and how to optimally function in this world He has given us. Christ is the only way to true life.

My desire is that the youth would know what they believe and why so that one day, when they leave their parents home, they will continue to genuinely follow Christ rather than conform to the world. I want to help them understand what it means to become a disciple, so they know what it looks like to follow Christ and pick up the torch of faith to continue the Great Commission.  Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” I want all people to have assurance that Jesus the Christ is their “why”.

In Christ,

Ryan Nelson

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